Content: Week 2

by rseiderman

My second content week is nearly over, and, if possible, this week has been even more frustrating. Although I’ve had control over when I post my content to Tumblr, Sonya’s still in charge of linking on Facebook, including the language used to speak about the content. Here are the numbers thus far:

Posted 7/8
“White Privilege” by Macklemore
Tumblr notes: 13
Facebook likes: 8
Facebook comments: 0
Facebook shares: 1

Posted 7/9
Who Should Be Considered An Authority On What’s Oppressive?
Tumblr notes: 29
Facebook likes: 52
Facebook comments: 13
Facebook shares: 1

Posted 7/10
WHAT ABOUT ME? How privilege is often invisible to the privileged
Tumblr notes: 17
Facebook likes: 73
Facebook comments: 2
Facebook shares: 28

Posted 7/11—guest post by Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg
Authority, Privilege, and Oppression: A Response to Rachel Seiderman’s Who Should Be Considered an Authority on What’s Oppressive
Tumblr notes: 10
Facebook likes: 20
Facebook comments: 3
Facebook shares: 0

Posted 7/12
A Beginner’s Guide to Intersectionality
Tumblr notes: 26
Sonya hasn’t posted this to Facebook yet

As you can see, none of these posts took off, but Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s did okay. Yesterday’s did okay on Tumblr but hasn’t yet gotten cross-posted to Facebook.

You might notice that there was a guest post from my co-intern, Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg, on Thursday. She messaged me Tuesday after my piece was up to tell me that she liked the piece but had some fundamental disagreements with it and did I mind if she wrote a response. I said I didn’t mind, so she wrote a response, which Sonya okayed me posting. (And, actually, Sonya wanted me to post it on Wednesday, but I work on Wednesday and didn’t get that email until she’d already said never mind.)

Anyway, I posted Rachel’s piece and it didn’t get a big reaction on Tumblr. Then Sonya linked to it on Facebook on Friday, even though I posted something Friday. And didn’t link to my piece. And…

So here’s the thing. I was already feeling like Rachel is Sonya’s pet (she spends more time talking to her, they Skype, Sonya always seems more enthusiastic about Rachel’s pieces than anyone else’s), and then Rachel directly quibbled with my stuff. Which I know should be fine and seeing other people’s points of view facilitates learning, etc, etc, but…I’m just so frustrated that on top of everything else it feels kind of awful. Particularly because, in the end, it sounds like Rachel and I are advocating for similar things except apparently I’m not nuanced or smart-sounding enough for her.

I guess my lesson of the week is trying not to take things so personally.

Also, I sent Sonya stuff for today and tomorrow, my last two days, and she hasn’t gotten back with me on either one, so I haven’t posted anything today. Which means I’m losing a day. I think she’s traveling, which I understand, but, again, I sent my piece to her Thursday around 1am. She had the two days she asked for. I hope she’ll send me something about tomorrow’s stuff because part of what I want to post is this video that argues against calling things “so gay.” I think (I hope) it would really resonate with our audience. But if Sonya doesn’t say anything to me, I can’t/won’t post it.