Fat Acceptance

by rseiderman

During this last week, I made the mistake of watching an episode of “Extreme Weight Loss” even though I knew better. It made me feel shitty, as I knew it would, so I decided to make the most of the situation and write about it when the show was over. Then, because TBINAA has cross-posted stuff from Rachel C’s personal blog, I asked Sonya if my piece could be cross-posted, and today it was! It’s gotten a decent response (and I got a few more followers, which makes me happy.) If you’re interested, the piece is called “Extreme Weight Loss: Fucking Up My Head Edition.”

Having written that piece, and especially having shared it with the TBINAA audience, I’m even more comfortable with the idea of infusing personal stuff into my next content week. My plans for the week are still a bit rough, but here’s an idea of how I see some of it going down:

Day 1: Intro to fat acceptance/why is fat acceptance important?

Here I’m planning to talk about my own coming to fat acceptance, how important it’s been for my own journey, how I’ve been progressing on that journey, stuff like that.

Day 2: One of the videos I linked to last week

I want to start the week with a text post rather than a video because the video last time didn’t get much engagement.

Day 3: Self-love Selfies

It might not be true in every situation, but taking pictures of myself is helping me feel better about myself. I want to talk about how seeing bodies like your own helps normalize those bodies (and your own, by extension), and sometimes, to see a body that looks like yours, you have to put your own body on the internet. And that’s okay, and not necessarily narcissistic like older generations keep saying.

Day 4: Obesity as a disease

There have been lots of amazing pieces written about this, so my piece might be more of a synthesis than really coming up with anything new. Or it might be more about my reaction to those pieces—how I’m thinking about those reactions through a social justice lens.

Day 5: Maybe the other video

Day 6: Clothing My Fat Body

I want to explore how I’ve internalized pop culture’s opinion of uncovered fat bodies, and how that internalization affects what I choose to wear on a daily basis.

I’m not sure yet what I want to day on day 7. I need to do more research next week on topics that fat activists have been addressing lately, or perhaps things that’ve been in the media pertaining to fat people.